The Vampire's Tavern

Welcome Weary Traveler

Welcome, Gentle Stranger


Welcome, one and all, to the most glorious place this side of the realm. Please feel free to sign our guest book, or stay in one of our fabulous rooms. Thirsty? Well, I hope you like Blood Wine. This is the realm of Vampires, where the dead walk, and the living lie still. Our regulars are some of the most famous vampires to date, the owner of the tavern being the great Mika Ver Leth. Looking for some wisdom? Ask a question in our Guestbook and Mika will give you his own personal answer. Or perhaps you would care for the company of a friend? Our Regulars would be happy to show you to the local Roleplay Rooms. So come in, if you feel you can stay alive long enough to enjoy happy hour. Maybe you'll get lucky and our women will do more than bite.


Do you or anyone you know want to join The Tavern's Regulars? Simply send an Email to and we will tell you how you can create your very own character. It does not necessarily have to be a vampire, but any kind of creature you want. Send an email with a specific bio (Bios are liable to be changed due to existing characters) and a picture. Simply copy a bio from our Regulars list, erase the answers, and start a fresh one. For more information, email our moderator at

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